OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements And Electronic Submission Guidelines

Event: Live Webinar
Event Date: September 27, 2023
Presenter: Joe Keenan
Event Time: 1 PM EST
Duration:60 Mins


2022 saw many changes in health and safety with the COVID-19 pandemic and updates to OSHA Recordkeeping regulatory guidelines. This has created a lot of questions and concerns from companies about what this requirement means and what OSHA will do with this information. This webinar will give a comprehensive overview of what the updated 2022 OSHA 300 Log Recordkeeping Reporting Requirements are so that a beginner or a seasoned EHS Professional will have confidence in knowing how to fill these out quickly and correctly.

In addition, navigating the complexities of OSHA Recordkeeping can be challenging, even for the seasoned Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professional. A basic review of OSHA Recordkeeping will be given and site-specific case scenarios questions and answers will be addressed throughout the presentation.

Session Highlights:

  • What the 2022 OSHA 300 Log Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements Are
  • How to easily navigate the new OSHA 300 Log Electronic Reporting System.
  • How to fill out the OSHA 300 Logs, including the OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 Forms.
  • Learn how to effectively determine work relatedness as it pertains to OSHA Recordkeeping.
  • Learn the difference between First Aid versus Medical Treatment.
  • Address difficult site-specific OSHA Recordkeeping Scenarios.
  • Address any site-specific questions or concerns.

Learning Objectives:

The audience will take away a basic understanding of what the OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements are and learn to navigate the complexities in filling out the OSHA Recordkeeping Forms.

Webinar Agenda

This webinar will cover to answer some of the key questions like:

  • What is the best way to get started in implementing a comprehensive OSHA Recordkeeping Program at my site?
  • What is the best way to stay informed of ongoing changes in the OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements?
  • What are some resources that can be helpful with OSHA Recordkeeping?

Who Should Attend:

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professionals, Loss Prevention Managers, Insurance Professionals, Plant Managers, Safety Committee Members, etc.

Speaker Profile:

Highly experienced Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Human Resources (HR) Professional and Management Consultant with over 25 years of experience. I received my Green Belt in Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing in 2005, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a Human Resource Management Concentration in 2007, and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in 2011. I have the current pleasure of serving as Mississippi and Alabama Area Director of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). I served on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA) Region IV Board of Directors as a Director at Large from 2013-2015. Since 2002, I am an OSHA General Industry and Construction 10/30-Hour Authorized Outreach Trainer (both renewed in 2020).